Passionate publishing

Masterful Books is run by a single woman who has no life or hobbies. She loves books. Possibly to a creepy degree.

Badass books

Masterful Books only puts out super duper awesome books, because the publisher's life will have no meaning if the books she produces suck.

Rebellious reading

Masterful Books puts out underground hits. You read the books before anyone else knows they exist. That makes you cooler than everyone else.

Start reading a Masterful Book right now.

"It's always Halloween in Secret Hallow!" Family friendly witchy books that will make you love, laugh, and want to soar through the night on a broomstick.

Witches of Secret Hallow by Nora Lee

"I can spend eternity with him. All I have to do is die." A dystopian vampire romance series appropriate for all ages.

The Vampire Games by Stephanie Archer